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black opal powder review

Black Opal Powders

Black Opal Powder Review If you’re a die-hard fan of liquid foundation and/or if you have dry skin, you might typically steer clear of face powders. After all,...
black opal liquid foundation truly topaz

Black Opal Foundations

Black Opal Foundation Shades Over the past two decades, Black Opal has really made a name for itself in the beauty industry. While many cosmetics brands offer a...
dark skin makeup

Dark Skin Makeup: Best Makeup For Dark Skin

Best Makeup For Dark Skin Finding the right makeup for your skin tone can be an adventure. There are so many different products available and so many different...
lipsticks for dark skin

Best Lipstick Color For Dark Skin

Flattering Lipstick Colors For Dark Skin Finding the perfect lipstick is not always an easy task. There are many factors that affect how a lipstick will look on...