Best Hair For Crochet Braids

best hair for crochet braids

Best Hair For Crochet Braids

Wondering what type of hair is the best to use for creating beautiful crochet braids? Crochet braids are a happenin’ trend with lots of versatility. Deciding on the type of hair to use for crochet braids is essential to creating a look that is just right for you. From freetress crochet hair to Marley hair, crochet braids come in a variety of textures and can be crafted to fit your own style. Join the latest fashion trend and rock crochet braids using the best hair for weeks on end.


1Crochet Hair Brand is Important

One of the benefits of crochet braids is how inexpensive they are. High-quality hair can be purchased at convenient prices. Spend a few extra dollars on the type of hair you use for crochet braids to ensure the quality of the locks you are styling. Beautiful styles are better crafted with top quality hair brands. Depending on the style you are creating, high-quality hair will detangle easier.

2Curly Crochet Braids – Outre X-Pression

Curly crochet braids are one of the most popular styles due to the variety of textures they come in. Outre X-Pression has kinky curl textured tresses that are perfect for crochet braids. The locks blend well with your natural hair and look similar to an actual twist style. The kinky texture is soft, bouncy, and flows freely. Manageable tresses are a wonderful characteristic of this type of hair. The length of the hair is long, and you are able to cut the tresses to your desired style. Add layers to your curls for volume and increased texture.

3Versatile Crochet Braids – Femi Collection Crochet braids with Marley Hair

Marley braid hair is an excellent choice for crochet braids due to the versatility it provides. Femi Collection has various Marley braid hair for you to choose from. Long, fluffy tresses can be styled in a variety of ways. Part your hair down the middle for a voluminous look or add a side braid to create an asymmetrical look. However you choose to style your versatile crochet braids, texture and volume will be emphasized.

4Short Crochet Style – Curlkalon Hair

Crochet braids do not have to be long in length to be cute and fashionable. A short hairstyle created with Curlkalon Hair has an amazing result. The tresses come in pre-curled styles as well as various types of curls. You can choose from tight, spiraled curls or loose, moveable curls. Be daring and combine two kinds of curls to create a look unique to who you are. Cut, twist, or curl your tresses as you craft a wonderful style.

5Twist Out Crochet Braids – Havana Mambo Twists

For women who desire to create a fuller, thicker hairstyle, the twist out crochet braids crafted with Havana Mambo Twists are perfect for a gorgeous head of locks. Install the crochet braids, and then pull your hair from the roots to create twist outs. Your tresses are natural looking and more volume is added to your style. By twisting your tresses, the braids are able to stay installed longer allowing you to wear voluminous hair for weeks. You can craft a middle or side part as the braids are versatile.

6Bohemian Curl Crochet Braids – Isis Caribbean Bohemian Hair

Enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean as you design curly locks with Isis Caribbean Bohemian Hair. One of the best characteristics of these tresses is the curl patterns already styled into the hair. You can cut the locks into various lengths to craft a style that matches your wonderful personality. Beautiful, fluffy tresses with added volume create a gorgeous hairstyle that can be worn to both formal and casual events. The Bohemian hair is natural looking and matches most curly hair types. Blending your natural tresses in with these crochet braids can be styled effortlessly.

7Undetectable Crochet Braids – Toyokalon

Toyokalon is a unique brand of hair that offers variety through texture, curl pattern, and color. Tresses come in bold colors such as purple, pink, and blue. Ombré colors are also provided by Toyokalon. Unique textures and curl patterns are designed throughout tresses to craft distinct crochet braids. Your locks are natural looking, and different types of hairstyles can be created for all occasions.

8Shiny Small Curls – Freetress Crochet Hair Deep Twist

Luscious curls can be achieved as you install Freetress Deep Twist hair. Shiny, small curls are created through a silky texture. Create two-strand twists in your hair to maintain elegant curls to last for weeks. To achieve maximum volume, remove the twists starting from the ends of your hair to the roots. Extra height and texture is created as you don small curls that can be cut in various lengths. Curls are a great way to add variety to your style and create new looks.

9Cuban Twist Crochet Braids – Shake and Go Cuban Twist

A unique, distinct texture is one of the defining characteristics of Shake and Go Cuban Twist hair. The tresses come in various lengths and are natural looking. Various colors such as auburn, blonde, burgundy, and ombré locks can be purchased. These locks can be curled, twisted, or blow dried. Use perm rods and hot water to create curls or twists throughout these distinct crochet braids. You will achieve a gorgeous style, and everyone will compliment you on your lovely tresses.

10Bouncy Waves – Freetress Crochet Hair Equal Jamaican Twist Braiding Hair

Desiring long, bouncy waves that flow in the wind as you move through the day? Freetress Equal Jamaican Twist Braiding Hair can be styled into soft, bouncy waves for a natural look. Creating this particular hairstyle does take a lot of time. Be sure to brush the hair out after you install it. Next, section your tresses into four quadrants to ensure a more natural bounce. Curl your locks with flex rods and leave them in overnight. In the morning, gently separate the curls to have long, bouncy waves. Spectacular waves are achieved through time and patience. The end result of soft, bouncy waves is beautiful.

11Long, Wavy Crochet Braids – Hair by Harlem125 African Braid Durban Twist

As you use Hair by Harlem125 African Braid Durban Twist hair, you will be crafting a gorgeous style with plenty of volume. The locks are versatile and can be twisted or curled. Long wavy hair can be achieved by unraveling the twists in the hair. Spice up your hairdo with bold or soft colors to match your style. Blonde, brown, or burgundy can be added to create a unique look. Beautiful up-dos and elegant locks can be crafted with these amazing tresses.

12Straight Crochet Braids – Kanekelon Braiding Hair

Curls and waves are not the only ways that crochet braids can be styled. Long, straight crochet braids can be achieved by installing Kanekelon Braiding Hair. The long length and ultra-soft texture create tresses that move easily. The length of this type of hair provides you with a lot of versatility and options for styling. Add layers to your locks to provide more texture and movement. Use a medium heat setting to brush out your hair and achieve straight tresses. As you run your fingers through your silky tresses, you will feel alive and ready to accomplish all your goals for the day. Beautiful hair with a natural look can be yours as you install these marvelous crochet braids.

13Faux Locs Crochet Braids – Sensationnel Braid Plus Nubian Locs

A popular trend with crochet braids is adding loc extensions to your natural hair. Sensationnel Braid Plus Nubian Locs come in dreadlock form, and can be installed exactly how actual crochet braids are put in. The dreadlocks are shiny and become more natural looking the longer they are installed. The locs have a long length, and you can fold the tresses in half to achieve a shorter length. Craft gorgeous up-dos, or create a unique half up-do for elegant events. Don these faux locs crochet braids as you relax at the beach. You can achieve gorgeous styles combining dreadlocks with crochet braids.

14Havana Twist Crochet Braids – Afri Naptural Bantu Twist

Purple is a bold color to don as you craft Havana twist crochet braids using Afri Naptural Bantu Twist crochet hair. Your hairline and part can still be natural looking while wearing such a distinct color. Use styling products, such as Argan oil, to maintain a natural look. The length of these crochet braids is long, and the styling possibilities are endless. You can create a unique half up-do, or add hair jewelry for an elegant look. Craft a beautiful up-do with these purple tresses to match your unique personality. Middle and side parts can be created to achieve a particular style.

15Afro Crochet Braids – Janet Collection Braiding Hair

An Afro hairstyle has grown in popularity during these modern times, and crochet braids can craft a perfect Afro. Janet Collection Your Kinks Braiding Hair comes in a variety of colors so you can also create a two-tone Afro. Add blonde tresses to black hair to craft a hip, fun style. This type of hair is soft and does not tangle easily. Your Afro will be natural looking, and your tresses will move easily. Extra volume and texture is added to your hair by installing an Afro with the crochet braid method.