20 Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Little Black Girls Hairstyles

The prettiest hairstyles are always the ones for the little girls. Little girls’ hair has so much diversity and character that makes us want to style them. There so much you can do with your little girl’s hair; add ornaments, braids, ribbons and so much more. Hairstyling your little girl’s hair for school or for a special event little girls can be a lot of fun! Here are 20 hairstyles for little black girls that can totally make you go awww…


1Buns, Braids and Ribbons

Buns, braids, and ribbons altogether spell cute little girl. And true enough; this adorable hairstyle perfectly matches your pretty little girl. You may play with other hair ornaments to make the hairstyle a lot more playful.
This hairstyle will certainly give justice to your little girl’s pretty face.

2Braids and a Ponytail

Little girls love braids. I loved braids when I was a little girl, I just felt so extraordinarily beautiful whenever my hair was braided. And they love ponytails too! So what’s a better way to give them all they want – braids and ponytails altogether!
For little girls, braids and ponytails are the definition of what it is to be a girl.

3Braided Hair with Curly Ends

Sweet hairstyle perfect for the first day of school. Every little girl will surely love this very feminine hairstyle. The curly ends will give them the satisfaction of a very girly hairstyle.
Every little girl’s dreams of being a girl, you know what I mean? This style can do just that for her.

4Braided Fish Tails and Braided Center

Another hairstyle little girls love. Who doesn’t love fishtails? This will definitely make the top favorite hairstyles of your little girl. Perfect for school and even just playing around the neighborhood.

5Updo Cornrows Style with Twisted Bangs

Cute hairstyle with an attitude; the twisted bangs give the feminine touch to the completed hairstyle. Cornrows are a favorite when it comes to styling our little girl’s hair. They always do the job.

6Fro All the Way

I love how natural an Afro look can be on little girls. They look so effortlessly soft and fluffy. This look enhances the natural beauty. To further improve the look, a huge hair ornament like a bow or a ribbon may be added to complete the look. Furthermore, this look highlights the natural hair of your little one.

7Afro Puff with Headband

Awww, this is definitely a keeper. A simple updo for girls with natural Afro hairstyle can be an extraordinary hairstyle when adorned with the right embellishments like this cute yellow ribbon.

8Soft Buns

Now for little girls who find hairstyling a bit cumbersome and difficult, this really simple style could just be your answer. Just grab a few amounts of hair on both sides and twist them to a bun and you there you have an instant hairstyle!

9Messy Updo with Braid and Ribbon

Sometimes it’s not really easy to style the hair of our little ones especially then they become a bit too impatient; so we look for generally easier hairstyles for them.
This one is also an easy hairstyle; too easy even daddy can make it.

10Petite Pigtails

Now for our little ones who have limited hair supply but want to be on the top 100 most stylish babies category, these petite pigtails will work wonders on their hairstyle.
Small buns adorned with hair accessories and there goes your stylish pumpkin.

11Accessorized Curls

Sometimes we can really just rely on hair accessories for out little ones’ hairstyles.
It’s always a wonder to me how simple hair ornaments almost always do the trick when it comes to styling our little girls’ hair.
Their natural wavy and curly locks are already in itself a statement of style, so we basically just need to augment and elevate the style to another level by adding cute hair ornaments.

12Chunky Twists

For playful girls who love to have a lot going on with their hair, chunky twists hairstyle is the style to go. Usually done with six chunky twists, three for both sides, and completed with hair clips. From the looks of it, you’ll absolutely agree with the name of the style. Everyone say chunky!

13Braids and Ribbon Buns Hairstyle

This one’s a very feminine hairstyle for your little girl. Instead of going for the usual bun, design it to a ribbon and braid the remaining hair. I am sure your girl will ask you to do her hair with this style over and over again.

14Buns and Ribbons

This is another daddy-friendly hairstyle. Adding a huge bow or ribbon or headbands to a simple updo bun is an instant hairstyle for your little one.
Little girls adore ribbons, clips, headbands and any other ornament you put on their hair; they will definitely enjoy this hairstyle.

15Braided Mohawk

This little girl rocks. She is definitely rocking the Braided Mohawk style with attitude. This style is hip and it has a lot of character. For this hairstyle to be more caring for your girl you may want to braid all the way and finish with twists to make is a tad cuter.

16Cornrows and Twists

Cornrows will always be number one when it comes to little girls’ hairstyle. And why not, they unquestionably belong in their arena of beauty and style.

17Natural High Ponytail

For sweet girls with naturally thick curly hair, sometimes the trick is minimalism. Take for instance this unpretentious natural high ponytail hairstyle, which works certainly with all curly little girls. If your little girl’s hair has a lot of character, all you need to do is enhance it.

18Updo with Skinny Hanging Bang

Now, this appears to be very stylish. This hairstyle is achieved by a couple of twisted buns and is finished off by a curly hanging bang.
You have most likely seen this style worn by older women but this is something your little girl can enjoy too!

19Waterfall Braids

How cute is this style? Little locks of hair braided on different sides of the head to create an illusion of a waterfall. While this style works on almost every girl, this is very friendly to girls who have much lesser and thinner hair than your average darling.

20Topknot Updo for Little Girls

Perfect for hot weather like the summer season, this topknot do is one of mommy’s favorites for her little one.
Your girl is protected from hair covering her vision as she enjoys the beach or the park with her friends.