40 Crochet Braids Hairstyles


Top 40 Crochet Braids Hairstyles and Pictures

Crochet braids are still a huge trend this year. Although they have been around since about the 70s, Crochet braids have become a thing again. Of course, with today’s age, we have seen the technique done in many different ways and even made simpler. Crochet braids are a great way of protecting your hair as the weave is not attached to your scalp, which can cause pulling and may eventually lead to thinning of the hair. If you want to jump on this trend of crochet braids then take a look at these fabulous 40 crochet braid hairstyles for inspiration.


1Kinky Afro


This is a simple go to style. This kinky Afro style resembles natural hair perfectly. If you want a style that looks like your natural hair texture then this is for you.

2Short Side parted puff curls

If you enjoy chunky curls then this style is for you. We love how this look is slightly layered. The side part combined with the larger curls really gives this look volume.

3Spiral curls with middle part

We are so loving these large spiral curls. These curls hold their shape the best with Marley  or kanekalon hair. Instead of using heat use foam rollers to insure the longevity of the hair.

4Curly Crochet braids Afro with bangs

We love bangs but we just adore curly bangs even more. We love how this curly fro  really gives off a hippie vibe. Pair with your favorite headband or headpiece.

5Long black and brown twists

What better way to do two tone color? We like how these two colors contrast on these beautiful Havana twists. The colors are not too bold making them perfect for any occasion.

6Faux crochet locs

If you’re a fan of faux locs give these faux crochet locs a try. They are not only easy to install but you can change the color up very easily by switching up individual locs.

7Long twists six ways

We are so loving these long twists. Here we can see how to rock them in six different styles. Because of the pattern in crochet braids you are to achieve many more styles than with traditional braids.

8Angled layered bob

This angled cut bob crochet is perfect for those hot summer months. Spice this style up by adding a bold color preferably in the red tones to the back of the hair.

9Two-tone large curly fro crochet braids

Take a look at this gorgeous large curly fro. For this look use kinky straight textured hair to get the most volume. Be sure to use large rollers on the crown and medium size rollers in the back.

10Light bumped Look

Going for a natural straight look but don’t want to damage your hair? Opt for a light waved voluminous straight crochet look. Doing this will prevent you from damaging your hair with the use of constant heat tools.

11Shoulder length Havana twists

We are loving these shoulder length Havana twists. These are perfect for the summer months because they are short enough to wear out freely without getting hot but still long enough for other styles like buns and ponytails.

12Short curly do

Go short with this cute curly crochet braids style. The best part about crochet braids is that they are so versatile. If you are not ready to cut your hair just yet, try out this cute  short coily crochet style style to get a feel of the short hair life.

13Curly Crochet braids tapered cut

Here we have another tapered cut. We love how this cut is tapered in the back and longer in the front. This cut is perfect for women with oval and heart shaped faces.

14Long Goldie Locs

This looking is surely giving us Beyonce vibes. We love the long curly layers combined with the honey blonde and brown color combination. The will look great on women of all skin tones.

15Red curly fro

Add some spice to your life and go with a deep red hair color. Experimenting with color uusing crochet is great because the results are not permanent and will not damage your hair.

16Purple curls with buns

We are head over heels with this electric purple color style. This purple curly Crochet   braids look is giving us outer space vibes from the color to the crown knotted buns. Pair with purple and pink toned makeup looks.

17Poetic justice braids with high bun

Poetic justice braids have been a huge trend. If you cannot justify sitting and getting them done individually then try them out crochet style. They take half the time and still function the same way.

18Havana twists with cornrows

Put a new twist on your typical cornrows by combining them with crochet Havana twists. This also gives the allusion of a faux undercut for those who are not bold enough to cut

19Curly fro with blonde high lights

Black hair and blonde highlights are such a classic look. Somehow it just keeps reinventing its self. We love this bouncy curly crochet look with blonde ombre highlights. It is simple yet adds a little pop to your hair.

20Black and red curls

Check out this bright and bold curly look. We love the side part which can be moved anywhere with crochet braids. It makes changing up your style super easy to do.

21Natural Hair blowout look

We all know that too much heat on natural hair can cause damage. So get the same look without absolutely no damage by rocking simple blown out look crochet braids. When you do not want the blown out look simply add a few curls.

22Double crown braid

Put a little spin on the usualsoft curls French braids. Change up the look by adding two French braids to the crown and leaving the back to flow free. The best part about this style is that you can have the back crocheted to minimize damage.

23Shirley Temple curls

Lets take it back with these beautiful Shirley Temple curls. If you have ever rocked a full head of these them you know the great amount of heat used. Now get this beautiful style without the use of heat.

24Sleek and straight

Tired wigs and sew ins? Get the same sleek and straight look with crochet braids. You can even rock your hair in a bun or ponytail if you would like.

25Au natural

Going for more of a natural look? Try these long coils in an earth tone brown. To get the hair line as natural as possible put a small braid around the perimeter. This allows you to have all of your hair protected.

26Chic Curls

How awesome are these bob crochet curls? We love the chic and blunt cut against the romance curls. This style is perfect for winter. Dress it up with your favorite beanie or show off your favorite scarf.

27Red messy curls

These long red messy curls are perfect for the woman who wants to add a bit of sexy to her look. Skip the hair dying and sew ins and rock your crochet braids.

28Long ombre twists

Long twists are perfect for any time of the year. Rocking bright and fun colors, however, is perfect for summer time. The best part about these purple crochet twists is that the already come pre-colored.

29Jumbo twists with under cut

We have been loving Keke Palmers rebellious side. She looks stunning in these jumbo crochet twists. We love how she kept it edgy with a simple under cut and neutral makeup.

30Double bun twists

We are huge fans of the double bun look. It gives us a hipster chic vibe. We love these shoulder length twists are paired with these fun and funky buns, and of course the baby hair.

31Short and simple Afro

All of our natural women know the struggle of dry hair in the winter. Protect your hair with a cute fro. The crochet hair still allows you to properly moisturize your hair when needed.

32Medium length beach curls

Keep in simple with these beautiful beach curls. Play around with different colors and highlights to figure out which is best for you. Instead of a middle part try a deep side part.

33Curly half up and half down

Tired of your hair being in your face messing up the makeup you spent 30 minutes doing? Try out this simple half up and half down curly look. Transform this style by adding patterned scrunchies like the 90s.

34Angled bob

Play around this short angled bob look using the crochet method. Like natural hair guru Jessica it is fun to take a break from the long natural hair without permanent commitment.

35Jumbo twists with jewels

One of our favorite things for this year have been hair jewels. Dress up your twists, braids, or faux locs with hair or loc jewels. You can even make them yourself to match your unique style.

36Red High lights

When you think of red high lights you may think of the early 2000’s. To us, red high lights will always be in. Opt for crochet styles that are fuller like this long fro because the reds will blend in without looking too dramatic and over the top.

37Red pin curls crochet braids with Marley hair

We love this red tip pin curls. For the best results use Marley hair for your crochet. Marley hair gives the look the look and feels of natural hair and it also holds a curl better than other textures.

38Headwrap and High ponytail

Not only can you throw your crochet twists up in a pony tail you can take it a step further and add a patterned head wrap. Check your local thrift stores steals on scarfs that can be used as head wraps.

39Grey box braids

We are loving these fun grey chunky box braids. Grey has been an it color and we don’t see the trend dying anytime soon. We suggest pairing this with bold colors like pinks and reds.

40Sleek curly bun

Buns are the quickest and easiest styles to achieve. To achieve the sleek curly look with crochet braids, Keep your braid pattern small which allows you to get the hair closer to the scalp.